Afrika Tikkun Encourages Making Fundraising Your New Year's Resolution

Afrika Tikkun Beneficiaries

2018 sees Afrika Tikkun goes full steam ahead with the initiative encouraging ordinary citizens of the globe to do what they can to make the world a better place, particularly for the children of South Africa.

With #MyAfrikaTikkun’s online #AdventureFundraising platform, anyone, anywhere can make a difference by simply embarking on a personal journey and selecting Afrika Tikkun as the beneficiary – whether it be quitting smoking, losing weight, walking across Africa or climbing Kilimanjaro.

Onyi Nwaneri, Director of Partnerships at Afrika Tikkun, asks: “What better way to stick to a New Year’s resolution?”, and goes on to explain: “Usually, at the beginning of the year we all have the best intentions of accomplishing something during the course of the year by making a promise of sorts to ourselves – a New Year’s resolution. But as we know, a few days or weeks go by, life takes over and those resolutions fly out the window. So, our #adventurefundraising platform not only gives you a chance to do good for others, but yourself too because when you sign up you’re becoming accountable to your supporters and your beneficiary to accomplish what you set out to do. There’s all that pressure spurring you on and people encouraging you not to fail.”

Nwaneri adds: “Your New Year’s resolution may not meet the typical action-packed quest that the word ‘adventure’ evokes but it is your adventure nonetheless, your journey – and a voyage that can tick more than just one “treasure chest”.”

Afrika Tikkun’s Cradle to Career 360º model works from the context of family to provide holistic and integrated services to children from birth through to school going age, and into the working world with additional support programmes for struggling families with children of all ages.

Afrika Tikkun

A few of Afrika Tikkun’s achievements for 2017 

• Servicing a total of 16 000 beneficiaries in five local South African communities
• Which can be broken down in to three core programmes – 1,040 in Early Childhood Development (2 – 6 years), 3,640 in Child and Youth Development (7 – 18 years), and 3,013 in Youth Skills Development and Placement (18 – 35 years) – as well as support programmes
• 300 grade R learners graduated and were placed in local schools
• 120 matric learners graduated
• 1,449 opportunity placements found for school leavers
• Over 500 staff received training in different subject aligned disciplines including but not limited to EQ, Legitimate Leadership principles, Mentoring etc.

Make your New Year’s resolutions come true AND make a difference in 2018!

• Decide on an adventure and set a goal
• Register your campaign here in just five minutes
• Share your news with friends and family, near and far, with your unique fundraising link
• Use the #MyAfrikaTikkun #AdventureFundraisers hashtags when sharing your news on social media and to your network. Afrika Tikkun will support your cause by sharing on their platforms
• Make use of Afrika Tikkun’s fundraising resources here

For more information on Afrika Tikkun and their initiatives call 011 325 5914, email or visit.

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