Being Green talks to Ben Heard

John Richards talks to Ben Heard, founder and director of a Think Tank called Bright New World.
The energy debate simmers on, and has been relatively quiet for a while, but don’t be lulled into a sense of false security, advises John Richards.  
At the moment we’re in a holding pattern, with the decision on Nuclear new-build programs in the pending tray.
The Government has passed the hot potato on to Eskom, or have they?  Does para-statal Eskom have the autonomy to call for tenders?  There are court decisions to come.
With this in the background, I was delighted to meet Ben Heard, who  hails from South Australia and is founder and director of a Think Tank called Bright New World.  Their basic take is that it IS a Bright New World, that by applying positivity – and innovative technology - to the challenges that face us, something beneficial to everyone and the planet as a whole may be the result.   Ben was and remains a passionate activist, but feels that sometimes the problems overwhelm activists, and they lose focus.
He had that experience when considering the arguments and positions on the hotly debated Nuclear Energy Question, and he had quite a revelatory experience…
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I like his balanced take on the energy question.
We didn’t have time to talk about the relative costs, and the devil really is in the detail there.  Why does it cost so much to build a nuclear plant? Does it cost that much?  Are we asking the right questions?    I’m going to try to find some answers, and come back to you in a future Being Green.  
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