Beyond Knowing Nature at The Cape Gallery

Beyond Knowing Nature

A group exhibition, by Sophie Niemann, Hennie van der Berg and Ann Watt will be opened by Johann Nel on 2 September. 

Beyond Knowing Nature, a group exhibition, by Sophie Niemann, Hennie van der Berg and Ann Watt will be opened by Johann Nel on Sunday 2nd Sept. at 4.30 pm at The Cape Gallery.

Emotion compassion meaning and beauty are pathways to experiencing nature. It is believed that feeling connected with nature is beneficial to wellbeing and pro-environmental behaviour. What binds these artists is their love of the natural world and their unique way of expressing this.

Sophie Niemann
"I aim to touch a wider audience who not only enjoy my creations, but who I trust form a connection with the wonders of nature, in the hopes of raising awareness to support conservation initiatives."
Sophie Niemann is a British born artist who has lived in Africa for the past 20 years. In 1996 she moved to Botswana with a in BSc Zoology where she became a field guide, wild life researcher, worked for a conservation community organisation and finally set up her own field guide training academy.

Anne Watt
"'Living in the Lowveldt I am faced with colour and light each day. The rural settings and vibrant clothes weave their way into my work. People ease into these scenes. I have lived in Scotland, Papua New Guinea, Australia and South Africa. The colours have changed with each country, but now Africa is in my soul. When you paint with your heart, you know you are on the correct path.''

Hennie van der Berg
Nature, especially rock formations, mountains, clouds and trees are his inspiration. Hennie was born in 1949 in Bloemfontein in the Free State. Growing up on a farm, nature was life and life was nature. After studying at the University of the Free State he worked as a geologist for forty years. He is now a full-time artist.

WHERE: The Cape Gallery, 60 Church Street, Cape Town 8001

WHEN: 2 Sept to 28 Sept 2018

INFO: T +27 21 423530  Visit

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