Cape Town Green Map visits the Mothership

Wendy Brawer, Green Map System, and Philip Todres

Wendy Brawer, founder of Green Map System, the global NGO that has facilitated green maps in over 60 countries around the world, received her copy of the second edition of the Cape Town Green Map in New York yesterday.

She welcomed Philip Todres, of A & C Maps, one of the partners in the Cape Town Green Map, to the headquarters of Green Map System.

Wendy has spent 15 years heading up Green Map System, a nonprofit organisation that helps citizens all over the world document and map their local environmental resources.

Wendy's journey into mapmaking started with a map of New York City in 1992 where she wanted to highlight the city's eco-features to UN delegates. She and her coworkers came up with 143 sites, ranging from community gardens to bike paths and green buildings. The resulting "Green Apple Map" was a hit and by the fourth iteration eight years later, contained more than 1000 point of interest.

Since then the Green Map® System has grown in leaps and bounds, and over 500 print maps have been published to date. On World Environment Day 2009, at the same time as our team launched Cape Town Green Map, the Green Map® System network launched their participatory map-making website, called Open Green Map – Development had already begun in spring the year before on the social mapping platform that now allows anyone to explore multiple websites and blogs, transforming local information into global interaction.

Open Green Map and The Cape Town Green Map are now both one year old.

The Cape Town Green Map was started in 2009 and was the first green map in Africa to make use of the Open Green Map online mapping system. The Cape Town Green Map was also the first green map in the world to start as an online map and then become a published map a few months later.

This short clip has Wendy wishing Cape Town Green Map all the best on our launch of the second edition green map.