WDC 2014 news

WDC Programme Pays Off for Cape Town

WDC2014: Positive Economic Benefits

World Design Capital 2014 programme delivered a “considerable yield on investment”, with a direct contribution of R59.2m in new business sales.

The R60 million spent by the City of Cape Town on the World Design Capital 2014 programme delivered a “considerable yield on investment”, with a direct contribution of R59.2m in new business sales, writes Anel Lewis.

This is according to an independent evaluation of the World Design Capital (WDC2014) year by development economists, Urban-Econ.

Project Isizwe: Free Wi-fi to SA’s Low-income Communities

Helping South Africans Build a Better Future

#Beyond2014 will share inspiring stories about design thinking and innovation. One story is Project Isizwe.

The first #Beyond2014 newsletter, is the first phase of Design + Cape, the official communication platform for World Design Capital 2014 legacy activities.

Cape Entrepreneur Aims To Help End “Bucket System” With Low-cost, Green Loo

An affordable, green solution to the “bucket system” that is also a viable alternative to flush plumbing, could soon be available…

The Lovely Loo, a self-contained, waterless, private, self-composting toilet was designed by Francois De Flamingh, the owner of United Development.

Welome to #Beyond2014 - Design + Cape

CCDI drives World Design Capital Legacy Project

CCDI are co-ordinating the activities that will continue to advance design thinking and innovation in the Western Cape.

Cape Craft Design Institute (CCDI) are in the first phase of Design + Cape, the official platform for World Design Capital 2014 legacy activities and, together with a host of key partners, are now rolling out updates and a growing programme.

WDC 2014: Where to from here?

Assesing World Design Capital 2014

Cape Town, which sponsored the year-long programme to the tune of R60 million, has “commissioned an impact assessment” due out in April.

With the Mother City’s World Design Capital (WDC) 2014 programme now officially

Cape Town’s Design Evolution Goes Beyond WDC Title Year

Table Mountain 'framed'

From the everyday unexpected discoveries to the extraordinary cultural adventures that are unfolding, tune in to Cape Town’s ongoing design evolution.

Cape Town’s World Design Capital status was won based on the city’s emerging use of design-led thinking but with the 2014 title year now behind it, Cape Town is showing her true colours with dozens of projects, events and experiences still in the making.

Many Memorable WDC Activities, Events and Projects

Watershed @ the V&A

Highlights of World Design Capital projects and some that continue as legacy projects beyond 2014, reports Alayne Reesberg.

Among the many activities, events and projects that took place, several stand out:

World Design Capital Cape Town 2014’s Lasting Legacy

World Design Capital 2014

WDC marked an important point in Cape Town's design story and the city will build on the momentum to grow the use of design in the city.

Cape Town’s reign as the World’s Design Capital  officially came to an end on 31 December 2014, its legacy will live on - driven by

City Embraces Design Innovation to Improve Service Delivery

SmartCape in +100 Libraries

Cape Town’s Exex Deputy Mayor, Ian Neilson, looked back on innovations in to improve service delivery.

"2014 has been a big year for the City of Cape Town as we have recommitted to serving the residents of our city. No longer an administration that simply ‘works FOR you’, we have realised that it is only with the buy-in of our residents, who need to work WITH us, that we can make progress possible, together", says Exex Deputy Mayor, Ald Ian Neilson,.

Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Green by Design Studio Route

Dreaming of a green Christmas? The Green by Design Studio Route helps you fulfil the dream.

In the spirit of both the festive season and the Better Living Challenge, here are some ideas for a 'Green Christmas'

Why not pick up a copy of the Cape Town Green Map and look at the listings under Green by Design Studios.