Explore the Cape Town Green Map with Google Earth & Streetview

Bring the Cape Town Green Map to life using Google Earth & Street View. You can explore the sites in 3D, look at them using Streetview and bring a new dimension to how you experience the CapeTown Green Map.



1. Download and install Google Earth on your local PC

2. Download the .zip file attached to this post and save it to your local machine. extract the contents ( cape_town_greenmap.kml) to your local machine. To extract the file Select it -Right Click - Extract All.

3. Navigate to the folder where you save the .kml and double click on the file. It should open automativall in Google Earth. Otherwise open Google Earth go File - Open and select the .kml file.

4. Once the Cape Town Green Map Icons have opened in Google Earth you can save them to "My Places" by highlighting the cape_town_green_map.kml (located under "Temporary Places" and select File - Save - Save to My Places (top left navigation).

5. Ensure Streetview is enabled under the layers tab (on the left hand panel)

Now you can visit your favourite sites, view them in 3D, get directions to and from sites and bring the Cape Town Green Map to life.

cape_town_greenmap.zip144.93 KB