Major storm headed for SA

The eNCA Weather Centre is monitoring a developing winter storm that is intensifying in the south Atlantic Ocean. 

A deepening low pressure and cold front are fast approaching from the west and expected to make landfall on Wednesday.
Weather-prediction models have been consistent in their output for several days now, giving increased confidence in the forecast.
Much to the relief of residents of the drought-stricken areas in the Western and Northern Cape, this storm is expected to bring some much-needed rainfall, although several hazardous weather conditions will be associated with this storm and the public is urged to keep informed of any severe weather developments.
Here are the adverse conditions associated with this storm system:
As the front reaches the coast on Wednesday, widespread gales (wind speeds over 65 km/h) will tear across the Western Cape coast, as well as the interior of all three Cape provinces and southern Free State.
The gales are likely to spread to parts of the Eastern Cape on Thursday, while easing elsewhere.
Via eNCA - see full report here