Monday 12 - last day to visit Think Water

Think Water exhibition at Canal Walk
City of Cape Town’s Think Water exhibition at Canal Walk Shopping Centre brings water-saving solutions closer to the people.
Mayor de Lille visited the City’s Think Water exhibition at the Canal Walk shopping centre, where dozens of great water-saving innovations were on display that can go a long way towards safeguarding our precious water resources.
This was what she had to say.
"With Level 4 water restrictions already implemented, we all need to get our daily usage down to less than 100 litres per person per day in total, whether at work, home, school or elsewhere. I would like to thank the many residents and businesses who have made concerted efforts to save water and I encourage them to keep up these efforts.
Over 30 companies were exhibiting different ideas that ranged from water-saving apps and water-efficient toilet devices to greywater- and rainwater-harvesting systems.
This exhibition is in line with the City’s new Organisational Development and Transformation Plan (ODTP) which places great emphasis on partnerships and innovation for a more sustainable and resilient future Cape Town. It demonstrates the resource efficiency priorities in our ODTP and recently adopted Integrated Development Plan.
The City also had its own exhibition stand with a range of useful water-saving advice and tips for residents and businesses to adopt to help us to save water.
We can only manage the drought crisis with the buy in and cooperation of all sectors, businesses, government departments, and residents. 
We are all in this together and we have to save water while there is still water to be saved. Water is life and we all need to strengthen our efforts to stretch the amount of water we have left.
While we had some rainfall this past week, this has not made a huge impact on our dam levels. Last Monday, our dam levels stood at 19,6% but with the last 10% of a dam’s water mostly not being useable, dam levels are effectively at 9,6% useable water. 
After the storm this past week, on Friday our dam levels stood at 20,4% and with the last 10% of water mostly not being usable, the dam levels are effectively at 10,4%.
Since we have had a long period of dry weather, the first rains will saturate the catchment and once the subsequent rains come, only then will we get effective run-off into the dams.
While there is some rain predicted for the next few days, we are going to need continuous rainfall over many weeks and months for our dams to reach sufficient levels. 
We have yet to meet the collective water usage target of 600 million litres of water per day, so I am encouraging and urging residents to keep saving water as the need to use water sparingly remains as pressing as ever. 
Due to the unpredictability of weather patterns and the impacts of climate change, we don’t know when we will get sufficient rains again as Cape Town is a water-scarce region.
As part of our Water Resilience Strategy, a heightened approach to water security, the City initiated the Think Water exhibition to showcase water-saving technologies and devices so that more residents can know about the water-efficient options that are available to them.
We have been inundated with requests from the commercial sector with their various devices and technologies that will help residents save water, and in line with our ODTP principles of being a responsive, proactive and customer-centric administration, we brought some of the ideas together in one place for residents to learn about.
We have started the exhibition in Canal Walk and the plan is to move the exhibition into malls and shopping centres across the city so that we reach as many residents as possible. "
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