Oceans Alive - Tales of Sea Rescues

Oceans Alive – hosted by the Aquarium in collaboration with the NSRI, Wavescape and the surfing community of Cape Town – takes place on Wednesday 30 May at 18:30. 

MC for the evening Nik Rabinowitz will lead a panel of big wave surfing legends – including Mickey Duffus, James Taylor, Mike Schlebach, Greg Bertish, Ross Lindsay, and Dave Smith – in a light-hearted chat about their stories of rescue in frightening wipeouts, as well as other terrifying tales of riding giant waves.
Oceans Alive will be celebrating the launch of the NSRI’s amazing pink rescue buoy drive while listening to tales of surf rescue from some of the hardiest sea dogs in Cape Town.
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Big Wave Surfing

According to Surf Magazine, big wave surfing separates the brave from the insane – a sport that seems to be for those who thrive on the idea of potential imminent death. Whether or not they are born without fear, what they definitely share is an absolute passion for the ocean.
Host, Nik Rabinowitz, is no stranger to surfing and has had to dodge many dangerous surf situations (mostly at Muizenberg Corner, but that’s beside the point). He will be chatting to a group of guys who start getting properly excited about surfing when the waves reach at least 15 feet high. They surf “rhino chaser” guns up to 10.5 foot long. They have travelled the world chasing monster waves. They rescue each other. They have seriously good breathholding abilities. They love winter, and they are going to share their insane stories with us.
Nik will be joined by Steve Pike (aka Spike), founder of Wavescape. Spike is a medium wave surfer who likes to put wave dynamics theory into practice by paddling out when the waves arrive. Like most “biggish wave” Cape surfers, he's not immune to the odd ding to the head (Spike and Nik may well compare scars), crocked knee or extended underwater analyses of the kelp during big wipeouts. As forecaster for the Red Bull Big Wave Africa for 10 years, he has a long-standing relationship with big wave surfing, particularly from the perspective of weather charts, buoys and digital data.
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WHERE: Two Oceans Aquarium, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town 8001
WHEN: Wednesday 30 May at 18:30. 
TICKETS: R150 at Quicket
PHOTO: Ken Findlay