SA Eco Film Festival - guest speakers

Each year invited Speakers are asked to give a brief over view of their personal reflections on the films, providing some South African context for the issues raised. 

They share their professional/private interests in the subject matter and then the discussion is opened to the floor, for speakers to answer questions or clarify comments in a relaxed and informal format. 
Thurs 23 March 6.15pm
Can You Dig This - Speakers - Imraan Samuels & Josh Potgieter. Guerrilla House is a shared learning platform for the experimentation and pursuit of regenerative technologies and regenerative worldviews. Their framework is permaculture. Their context is urban. Their passion (and humour) is evident!
Saturday 25th
12.15 Before The Flood - Speaker - Greenpeace Africa TBC
2.15pm Sea Of Life - Speakers Hayley McLellan Environmental Campaigner at the Two Oceans Aquarium. Hayley constantly seeks a variety of audiences to share her campaigning enthusiasm with, trusting that humans essentially want to do right by the planet. Re-Think The Bag the vision of a plastic shopping bag free South Africa is currently her life’s work. Plus Maryke Musson following experience in the business of aquaculture joined the Aquarium in 2013 as Assistant Curator. Now Curator of the Aquarium she believes “ Aquarium science is an art form,” 
2.15pm Kokota & The Valuable Waste - Speakers (Kokota) Lauren O'Donnell Greenpop co-founder and Managing Director of Greenpop. With a passion for people, Lauren spends her days inspiring individuals from all walks of life to be active citizens and get active (not anxious) about the future of our planet. At Greenpop, she is continually looking for ways to run an organisation differently, more organically and yet also professionally. Catherine Morris, Managing Director of Greenhome. Established in 2007, GreenHome is South Africa’s first, and to this day, only completely compostable food packaging company. Their vision is to provide sustainable packaging for takeaway food throughout Africa, and beyond.
4.15pm Kayabike - Speaker Director Mattia Trabucchi, an independent documentary filmmaker, traveler, dreamer and bicycle enthusiast … on the constant search for truth, self-producing and self-funding his own projects, he is particularly interested in exploring environmental and social justice issues.  Mattia will be joined by Kayabike coach Ndiphe Ngubane 
6.15pm What Is Real - Speaker Director Jay Mac Co-Owner of AIR Yoga in Cape Town, a Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, a Vegan Chef and the Creative Director of his own agency, Great Scott. With What Is Real, his first feature length documentary, he adds both film director and producer to the list
Sunday 26th
4.15pm KayaBike - Speaker Director Mattia Trabucchi
6.15pm What Is Real - Speaker Director Jay Mac
Monday 27th
6.15pm Freightened - Speaker Adnan Awad International Ocean Institute Director of the African regional office of the International Ocean Institute (IOI). He has been based in Cape Town since 1999, and during this time has worked for the International Maritime Organization, the Global Invasive Species Programme and the IOI. He has a background in marine ecology, and has worked extensively on issues related to ship mediated transfer of marine organisms, as well as other concerns in the maritime and ocean governance sectors, such as the recent development of 'Blue Economy' initiatives
Tuesday 28th
6.15pm Age Of Consequences - Marelise Van Der Merwe Daily Maverick Marelise writes about anything and everything. After she studied, and then studied some more, and then studied a bit more, she spent some years writing, editing, researching and teaching, before becoming production editor at the Daily Maverick. After a couple more years keeping vampire hours in order to bring you each shiny new edition (you’re welcome) she ventured into the daylight to write features. She still blinks in the sunlight.
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