Voice Map Gets You Walking in Cape Town

Voice Map Green Point Park

VoiceMap now has twenty walking tours in Cape Town to download on your phone.

The twenty VoiceMap walking tours in Cape Town are all written and narrated by informed, opinionated locals, who use the company’s publishing tool to link their personal stories to GPS co-ordinates. This makes it possible for commentary to play automatically at locations along a route using VoiceMap’s Android and iOS mobile apps, where the routes are available either for free or for prices that range between R24,99 and R59,99.

Exploring in the company of a local storyteller gives you access to new perspectives while also giving you the freedom to explore at your own pace.

VoiceMap’s collection of Cape Town walking tours is as varied as the storytellers who created them.

There’s a walk through central Khayelitsha by a Zimbabwean resident, a meander along Mouille Point Promenade by a sailor-surfer-author, a pilgrimage to the roots of slavery in the Cape by a genealogist with Asian lineage, and an exploration of “green” Green Point, led by Cape Town Green Map and Map My Way’s very own Philip Todres.

VoiceMap’s audio walking tours extend to 19 cities around the world and, while releasing their twentieth walking tour in Cape Town is certainly a milestone, it’s only the beginning for this storytelling medium.

“With all of Cape Town’s diversity, there are endless possibilities for the platform,” says VoiceMap’s CEO, Iain Manley. And with an ever-growing variety of walking tours, Capetonians, residents and tourists alike can use the apps to explore large parts of the city in new and surprising ways.