Da Vinci Exhibition Enhanced by Setting

In association with World Design Capital, Da Vinci: The Genius, inspired by the artist’s inventive design ideas, is at the V&A Waterfront until February 9.   

Douglas here – back for my second blog posting on the beautifully showcased gallery that is mostly composed of detailed mini creations designed, but never constructed, by the famous Renaissance artist.  The work is displayed at the Chavonnes Battery Museum, and it’s magnificent.  The Da Vinci exhibition is great, too.

Redfins a Conservation Story

Redfin minnows (genus Pseudobarbus) are a unique and threatened group of freshwater fish found in the Cape Floristic Region (CFR) at the south-western tip of Africa.

As the name implies, their fins glow bright red, particularly at breeding time, and males develop strange white conical growths on their noses (called tubercles) to help attract a mate.

Incredibly, these fish also produce clicking sounds that echo through their silent watery worlds, presumably to warn other fish to keep clear of their territories.

Red Bus Tour Gets the “Green” Light

Arriving in Cape Town is overwhelming.  Fear not, the Red Bus Tour offers itself as a tour guide for “first timers,” as well as return visitors wanting a quick refresher course.

Depending on your place of departure, landing in Cape Town likely spells either a significant change in climate, time zone, or both.  Just like surfers at Muizenberg Beach, travelers can delay the onset of jetlag by riding a wave of adrenaline until the inevitable crash.  

A Vital Human Rights Issue

Climate change and drought (photo THINKSTOCK)

Denialists’ disdain for science is a vital human rights issue, observes David le Page in Business Day (14 January 2014).

The public debate about climate change is an aberration because we do not have debates in newspapers about the validity of medical science, physics, aeronautics, geology or genetics. So what is different about climate science?

Cape Town no 1 of 52 Places to Go in 2014 – New York Times

Table Mt and Cape Town, Samantha Reinders for The New York Times

"Nice to see this! Congrats on all your great work!" writes Wendy Brawer, Director and Founder of Green Map.

Cape Town is number 1 in the New York Times report titled 52 Places to Go in 2014, and its World Design status is highlighted.

Witness a city in transformation, glimpse exotic animals, explore the past and enjoy that beach before the crowds.

Traffic and Street Lighting Retrofit Program

Retrofit with Light Emitted Diodes (LEDs)

All City traffic lights have been completely retrofitted with light emitted diodes (LEDs).

The City of Cape Town implemented a Traffic and Street Lighting Retrofit Program through the DoRA (Division of Revenue Act) Municipal Energy Efficiency Demand Side Management (EEDSM) program.

Design: Rebuilding South Africa’s Cities

District Six - David Harrison (M&G)

Live design – transform life in action in Cape Town.

City planners are using smart design, creative technology and community feedback in their attempts to reformulate the apartheid city, observes Sean O’Toole in his in-depth look at South African cities.

Through The Lens: Exploring land and photography in SA

Tales from the City of Gold - Jason Larkin

From mine dumps to city skylines, four new photography books bring South Africa’s diversity into focus, writes Sean O’Toole.

Of interest to Cape Town Green Map, three of these four books look at environmental impact.

Marking 100 years since the introduction of the 1913 Land Act, four new books explore the relationship between land and photography through the lenses of prolific South African, French and British photographers.

City of Cape Town Photographer, Bruce Sutherland, Grabs the Moment

Bruce Sutherland l City of Cape Town

Bruce Sutherland captures World Design Capital Cape Town 2014 launch in photos.

City of Cape Town photographer, Bruce Sutherland, captured the excitement of the New Year's Eve launch of World Design Capital 2014.  A huge crowd, estimated to be as many as 80 000 to 100 000 came to party in the city centre.

The Guardian rates Cape Town Holiday Hotspot 1

Truth HQ coffee shop

An acknowledgemnt of the city's World Design Capital status.

The Guardian, in a report titled Holiday hotspots: where to go in 2014, rates Cape Town in number 1 position, acknowledging its status as World Design Capital 2014.

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