Healthy Soil Saves Water

Tips to improve water retention

South Africa is facing a severe water crisis, and the public is encouraged to be aware of their water consumption. 

The public needs to understand the crisis and the value of water, and how we can save it.

There are many ways to save water in and around your home that are easy to follow - see almost 200 water conservation tips here.

Water-wise Recreational Facilities Ready for Summer

Water-wise Spray Park

Spray parks are one of the City of Cape Town’s most innovative recreational spaces. 

The City’s spray parks are all set and ready to welcome children on hot summer days. This summer, families can visit one of the City’s five spray parks situated in Valhalla Park, Nyanga, Khayelitsha, Ocean View and Scottsville.

Cape Town Has Blooming Surprises Growing on its Doorstep!

Discover rare and endangered fynbos plants
The recent discovery of various rare and endangered fynbos plants blooming across the city is testament to Cape Town’s wealth of biodiversity.

Some of the species include the endangered Erepsia hallii near Atlantis; Gladiolus griseus, one of the rarest of its kind; and a new population of endangered Adenogramma rigida.

West Coast Recreational Rock Lobster Season

WCRL Season: 15 Nov 20115 28 Mar 2016

As part of Cape Town’s ongoing commitment to marine and environmental sustainability, a high visibility multi-agency policing operation will be conducted for the opening of the West Coast recreational rock lobster season.

The recreational WCRL season opens on Sunday 15 November 2015 and closes on 28 March 2016.

Support Dance For All's Thundafund Campaign

Dance For All

Dance for All has launched a Thundafund campaign for DFA’s end of year performance Imibulelo (In Gratitude from Us to You).

To reach the tipping point they must reach R60 000 as soon as possible.

Creating Vibrant Public Spaces

Open City November 2015

In her November 2015 Cape Times column, Cape Town Partnership CEO Bulelwa Makalima-Ngewana explains that social cohesion is not possible when people are alienated from the CBD.

On Wednesday, 21 October, I was sitting in a restaurant a few blocks away from our Bree Street offices. Despite the slight wind, it was one of the truly spectacular days of the year, balmy, bright and beautiful that heralded the arrival of spring after a long winter.

Cape Town Continues Roll Out of Sustainable Internet Infrastructure

Roll Out of Metro Area Network
City of Cape Town is committed to make the city a digitally inclusive one and to lay the foundation for residents to economically thrive on a global scale. 


City of Cape Town has so far laid more than 650 000 metres of fibre-optic cable that has created a very high-capacity Metro Area Network. This roll out has helped to connect 240 City buildings and 50 Western Cape Government buildings. 
In addition to the operational efficiencies brought about by the expansion of the City’s network capaci

City names Cape Town’s commercial energy efficiency stars for 2015

The City of Cape Town recognises that resource efficiency is critical to building economic activity and increasing a city’s competitiveness and resilience.

This is reflected in the City’s recently approved Energy 2040 Goal, which includes a 37% reduction in carbon emissions, with 22% coming from energy efficiency alone.

The Energy 2040 Goal models a more resilient, lower carbon, resource-efficient and equitable future for Cape Town, which grows the administration’s stature as a leading and innovative city.

Harare Academy of Inspiration – how to do things with art

Harare Academy of Inspiration

Khayelitsha teacher, Brenda Skelenge, is curating the biggest public arts festival that her  neighbourhood has ever seen at Moholo Live House, writes Valeria Geselev.

Backed with a vision, patience, dozens of artists and support from UCT, she turns a small restaurant into The Harare Academy of Inspiration. On the menu: free daily workshops, exhibitions, live music, dance performances, history lectures and sex education.

Karoo Disclosure at Iziko SA Museum Ends This Week

Karoo Disclosure Exhibition

Lucinda Jolly reviews Karoo Disclosure, a collaborative art installation investigating fracking at Iziko Natural History Museum that closes on November 15.

“Few men are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of their colleagues, and the wrath of their society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence.

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