Cape Town's Source to Sea Project

Source to Sea Project

The Diep River and the Prinskasteel/Keysers River corridors in the Zandvlei catchment have been identified as the pilot river corridors for the implementation of an ecosystems-based river restoration project.

This initiative, the Source to Sea Project, is a partnership between the City of Cape Town, ICLEI Africa (Local Governments for Sustainability), South African National Parks (SANParks) and the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA).
These two corridors arise on the slopes of Table Mountain, before meandering into the Zandvlei

Flowering Vondeling on the Green Wine Route

Rustic thatch chapel at Vondeling Wines

Nancy Richards travels the Green Wine Route and visits Vondeling Wines in Wellington.

Flowering Vondeling

Cape Town lights up residents’ lives

Energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly light-emitting diode (LED) lights
The City of Cape Town’s Utility Services Directorate plans to invest R65,8 million in street lighting projects by the end of June 2017. 
The funds have been allocated for expansion of the street lighting network, but also replacement of old sodium high-intensity discharge (HID) lights with more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly light-emitting diode (LED) lights
The LED replacement project started as a pilot project last year and will be system

Travel the Green Wine Route

Nedbank Green Wine Route to find the green wine champs

Every plant has its place on the planet, but what counts is how well they share. In the Cape Winelands, vines and fynbos are a living example…, writes Nancy Richards in Country Life

Call me a heathen, but I’ve always chosen wine by the label – it usually tells you something, although maybe not much more than the quality of the brief and skill of the designer.

Cape Town’s first blind-friendly outdoor park

All children can play in the park

A park with special needs in mind giving visually challenged children the opportunity to interact with other children who are not visually impaired.

The park has a unique design and special features, such as a scented garden and acoustic way-finding to assist children with limited or no vision to orientate themselves in this outdoor space. 
The park is situated between Berol Street and Beroma Crescent, within walking distance of the Athlone School for the Blind.&nb

The Big Issue No 245 out on 25th August

“Life after the circus” at Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary

Get The Big Issue and be part of job creation in SA – it’s more than just a good deed; it’s a damn good read. September issue available from 25 August.

Elderly crucial to helping food gardens take root

Community members play an active role in local food gardens

Cape Town’s poverty alleviation programme supports more than a hundred food gardens across the metro – many thriving because of the commitment of the elderly. 

The City’s Poverty Alleviation Programme supported 114 food gardens in the last financial year of which 86 were community gardens and 28 were gardens being run at City-owned early childhood development centres across the metropole.
One of the highlights of the past year’s efforts was the establishment and support that was provided t

Rufous-tailed scrub robin draws twitchers to City reserve

Rufous-tailed scrub robin

Over the past month, bird lovers have travelled great distances to be able to tick the rufous-tailed scrub robin off their must-see bird list. 

The bird was first spotted in the Zeekoevlei at the False Bay Nature Reserve last month. This small scrub robin does not usually occur any closer to South Africa than Kenya, but found the habitat provided at the City’s reserve to its liking. 

The Cape Town Cycle Tour turns 40 in 2017!

40th Cape Town Cycle Tour takes place on 12 March 2017

Free application for a general entry from 1pm on Wednesday, 17 August and the application window will remain open until 4pm on Tuesday, 23 August 2016.

Grown from humble beginnings in 1978 when just 525 riders took part, 2017’s 40th event will see 35 000 cyclists line up in Hertzog Boulevard to tackle the spectacular 109-kilometre loop of the peninsula.
In so doing, they will not only participate in the world’s largest timed cycling event, but be part of a special day in the history of

Villiera's Sustainability Grows More Than Just Vines

Villiera is setting a new tone for wine estates across the country
Villiera is a well known name in South African wine circles, but what might be lesser known, is the heart and story behind this family-run winery, writes Jess Spiro
In a business as big as wine, taking the greener route is not always an option.
The biggest argument against going green is that it can be costly and that it doesn’t make financial sense. Well, Villiera, under the guidance of owner Simon Grier, is breaking those misconceptions.
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