The City of Cape Town Curbs Water Wastage and Secures Access To This Essential Resource

March is Water Month

Despite a population that has grown by more than 30% since the 2001 census, the City of Cape Town, in partnership with its residents, have managed to keep water demand below the peak level recorded in 2001, while significantly reducing projected future demand thus deferring the implementation of further resources and associated infrastructure.

The City of Cape Town has through careful management, ingenuity and consumer education, managed to stabilise the demand on the Western Cape Water Supply System (WCWSS).  Managing our resources is a shared responsibility and through this partnership with residents, the annual water demand is now growing at 2,3%, rather than the near 4% recorded in the period just prior to 2001.

Monday Market: The Waterfront Food Market

©Douglas C. Hinkel

The Waterfront Food Market is the first destination in my seven-day Cape Town food market tour.

At a wharf on the bustling and vibrant V&A Waterfront Harbour, the market has a prime location; the setting alone differentiates it from other markets.

The Mamre Revitalisation Project: #WDC385

Mamre, a Provincial Heritage Site

Local labour preserves the past while the environment is conserved & the community uplifted.

Mamre, a Provincial Heritage Site, has the potential to become one of Cape Town’s premier tourism destinations.

City Cancels Princess Vlei Shopping Centre Project

Princess V lei

"As an inclusive city, we urge residents to work with us to develop an alternative vision for this land."

At Princess Vlei on Saturday, Executive Deputy Mayor of Cape Town, Alderman Ian Neilson helped turn what was to have been a protest into a celebration when he attended to explain the city’s decision. Alderman Ian Neilson issued the following statement:

Solms-Delta – Thing of beauty: Indigenous musical instruments

Music van de Caab Centre @ Solms-Delta WDC 2014

The annual ATKV Oesfees at Solms-Delta on Saturday 22 March will feature replicas of ancient Khoe and San musical instruments.

Those who come to celebrate the Franschhoek Valley harvest at the ATKV Oesfees, the annual rural music feast that takes place on Saturday, will have the chance to listen to, play and even buy replicas of ancient Khoe and San musical instruments.

Preview: Food Market Tour

Watch out for a series of daily articles, each of which will feature a different Cape Town food market I'll be visiting.

As described in my previous article Now Trending:  #organic, there has been a spike in the popularity of food markets, especially those promoting themselves as “organic.”  (Note:  few vendors are actually certified organic.)

International Award for Hotel Verde

Award winning Hotel Verde

Recipient of the INTERNORGA Trendsetter Award at a ceremony held at the INTERNORGA Trade Show in Hamburg.

Adding to their growing collection of accolades, Hotel Verde, coined as ‘Africa’s greenest hotel’, has been awarded the INTERNORGA Trendsetter Award at a ceremony held at the INTERNORGA Trade Show in Hamburg.

Now Trending: #organic

©Douglas Calvin Hinkel

The term organic is casually and carelessly kicked around as if it were a football at a weekend braai.

In preparation for my Cape Town food market tour – I am composing a market route for the forthcoming 5th print edition of the  Cape Town Green Map – I feel it is necessary to expose the common misconceptions surrounding organic food. Many of the markets I plan to visit claim they are organic; but are they actually?

Preview: CT International Jazz Festival

The Cape Town International Jazz Festival will be held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre on March 28 and 29.  

Often referred to as “Africa’s Grandest Gathering” – over 40 artists make up a star-studded line up – the festival is the largest music event in sub-Saharan Africa.  The Texas-native, Erykah Badu, is being billed as the top headliner for the 15th annual Jazz Festival.

#welovecapetown - Needs Your Vote NOW!

#welovecapetown Vote Now

Please VOTE and make Cape Town the most loveable sustainable city.

Cape Town is still in the running to be named the world’s most loveable sustainable city but more votes and tweets are needed.  

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