Wonder in a Bag? the Power of Wonderbags™

Powering social upliftment the Wonderbags™ are cooking bags which require just 5-10 minutes on the stove before inserting the pot into the bag and leaving it to cook on its own. A boon for working women, a great way to reduce the escalating electricity charges and a way of producing slowly cooked nutritious meals for hungry families.


Green Map wins |Treehugger Best of Green 2011

Great News! Green Map wins Treehugger Best of Green 2011 in Science and Technology: Best Eco App for a Smart Phone!

African Penguins @ the Biodiversity Expo

Learning about the African Penguin and how you can assist in saving them from extinction is just one of the informative and fascinating projects that will be on display at the free Biodiversity Expo taking place at the Old Mutual Conference Centre at Kirstenbosch.

Green Goal 2010 wins IOC Sport and Environment Award

Green Goal 2010 wins IOC Sport and Environment Award

"The Cape Town Green Map is proud to have been a part of the award winning 2010 Green Goal program, the environmental programme for the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup that was held in South Africa in June/July 2010. Recognition from the IOC is a huge honor and has ensured that host City Cape Town's 2010 Green Goal programme really sets the standard for "Greening" large sporting events into the future"

Biodiversity Expo @ Kirstenbosch

This free event at the Old Mutual Conference Centre at Kirstenbosch is in its fourth year and attracts participants and exhibitors who want to engage with visitors on conservation issues.

Sir David Attenborough lecture at UCT - listen to the podcast

If you missed this lecture from one of the most influential naturalists of our generation you can listen to the podcast here. Attenborough's lecture, titled Alfred Russel Wallace and the Birds of Paradise, was on the long-running collaboration between another two men, naturalists and scientists Alfred Russel Wallace and Charles Darwin.

Saving or Seas: Creating Awareness around the Worlds Oceans and Sharks!

The oceans are in trouble. We are at a crossroads in history, and the actions we take – or fail to take – in the next decade will decisively impact the future of our seas and of our planet.


The top 5 threats to our Oceans are:

  • Overfishing depletes stocks of fish beyond their ability to recover.This disrupts the ecosystem and eliminates a valuable source of food and income.

Worker ants of the world unite @ the Holistic Lifestyle Fair

Live consciously, live well: 10am-4pm on the 1st Sunday of each month!

In celebration of Workers' Day, the Holistic Lifestyle Fair on 1 May will be hosting a free film showing of ‘Capitalism: a love story’, a 2009 documentary directed, written by and starring Michael Moore.

Environment and Arts Intersect

The world of art has always played an important role in stimulating thought and generating dialogue and now it has a crucial role to play in environmental awareness. 

Focussing on Climate Change - Cape Town forms a Coalition

Cape Town Climate Change Coalition

The Cape Town Climate Change Coalition (CTCCC) represents a loose alliance of organisations and partners who came together to support Cape Town’s bid to host COP17 in October 2010. Even though the bid was not successful, they remain committed to continuing the strong network and the resultant benefits such as knowledge sharing and capacity building with respect to climate change.

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