Cape Town joins the campaign for 350

On Saturday, 24 October, the world took to the streets in 181 countries for the most widespread day of environmental action in the planet's history. Over 5200 events called on world leaders to pass climate policies grounded in the latest science and strong enough to return the amount of carbon in the atmosphere to 350.

New recycling collection points... at your local Engen

Cape Town Green Week saw the launch of a new recycling initiative by Engen, Woolworths and Nampak. A number of Engen stations around Cape Town now accept paper, plastic, glass and tins for recycling. 

Cape Town Green Week aims to make city "greenest" in the world

This week Cape Town will attempt to be greenest city on Earth. The City, along with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and a host of partner organisations such as Green Building Council South Africa (GBCSA), the Banking Association of South Africa (BASA) and The Cape Town Partnership, amongst others, will implement the very first Cape Town Green Week.


3000 km climate challenge bike ride

In an effort to make South Africans more concerned about carbon emissions, Rob Zipplies, well-known sustainability expert and editor of Bending the Curve, in partnership with Project 90 by 2030 will journey 3000 km around South Africa on an electric bicycle ahead of the climate change conference in Copenhagen.

Last chance for public to name stadium at Green Point

Today is your last chance to submit your name for Cape Town’s stadium at Green Point. The 70 000 seater stadium will be the pride of Cape Town during the FIFA 2010 World Cup, and it should have a name that will reflect this, and serve as a symbol of the city’s future aspirations.

German-Cape Town project helps to recycle bicycles

Every year, 180 ‘recycled’ bicycles are brought halfway across the world to exceedingly happy learners and community workers here in South Africa. This project, dubbed the Bicycle Recycle Project, is made possible through a partnership between the City of Cape Town and the City of Aachen in Germany.

Cape Town commits to responsible tourism

Signed on Monday by Cape Town Mayor Dan Plato and other major tourism associations - FEDHASA, SATSA, SAACI and Cape Town Tourism - the Responsible Tourism Charter commits the Mother City to responsible tourism behaviour and practises, which will go a long way to encouraging foreign visitors who see responsible or 'green' travel as important.

Cape Town forms its own Climate Think-Tank

The City has formed its own Think-Tank to deal with the issue of climate change. It met for the first time last Tuesday, and its aim is to inform, shape and drive the implementation of effective climate change policies, programmes and interventions at local level.

The Living Green Sustainable Farm - experience a farm in the city

Some people dream of being pop stars, or CEOs whilst others hope to buy Ferraris or a yacht. There are those who seek recognition, wealth, fame, acceptance and a personal island, and then there are those who dream of a life without stress and corporate imperialism; who long for an idyllic link to nature.

We have such people in Sam and Cindy Adams, and their Living Green Sustainable Farm will help you accomplish the same dreams.

South Africa running out of surface water

South Africa has been warned that available surface water is lower than previously estimated – four percent lower. Scientists have recently done an update on a study on water resource availability in South Africa.

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