Quiz: how biodiversity-friendly are you?

  • Do you always make sure that a burning cigarette is never thrown out of your car window?
  • Do you always take your rubble or garden refuse to an established dump and not leave it in the veld?
  • Do you always make sure that oil and other chemical products are disposed of in established dumps and not thrown away in the veld or into your water drains?
  • Do you have a variety of local indigenous plants in your garden and/or neighbourhood?
  • Do you have local indigenous birds visiting your garden regularly?
  • Do you have lizards, frogs or local indigenous insects such as praying mantis or moths in your garden and/or neighbourhood?
  • Have you removed all invasive alien weeds, notably Rooikrans, Port Jackson, Kikuyu, Fountain Grass, Lantana and Chromolaena, from your garden?
  • Does your cat have a collar or bell to alert and thus protect local indigenous small animals?
  • Do you avoid using harsh pesticides or herbicides on your garden?
  • Do you support local initiatives to conserve the natural areas in your area or ’green’ your local spaces?

If you answered ‘yes’ to three or more of these questions you are on the way to having a healthy amount of ’backyard’ biodiversity!

If not, have a look at the 'get practical' section.

source: SMART Living Handbook

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