help and frequently asked questions

Navigating the Cape Town Green Map is a lot easier if you follow these tips:

Use an up to date browser.

If you are using an older browser then it's time for an upgrade. Cape Town Green Map recommends Firefox. Otherwise the latest versions of Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera or MS Internet Exlorer should also do the trick. Why Firefox? It is open source, community developed software and is also the browser that the developers at Open Green Map use.

Use the BIG map version.

Select the map link on the top navigation (menu) bar just under the header image. A page with a larger version of the map will load. (The first time the page loads will take a bit longer). This version of the map can be filtered by icon type and searched using the search tab.

Zooming and panning.

Try to find where you live by zooming in or out using your mouse wheel (move mouse wheel away from you to zoom in, towards you to zoom out). Or you can use the [+] or [-] buttons or the slider bar to zoom in or out. Panning (moving around the map at the same zoom level) can be accomplished by clicking and dragging with left mouse button. Or you can use the left, right, down or up buttons above the Google slider bar.  

Filter by icon type.

You are able to toggle the icons displayed on the map by turning individual icons (or groups of icons) "on" or "off" by selecting them on the Legend tab on the big map.

If, for example, you only want to see Farmers / Local Markets: unmark the check boxes next to Sustainable Living, Nature, Culture and Society (all the icons disappear from the map), then select green arrow to the left of Sustainable Living (this will show the sub-categories and their icons), select the first icon beneath Green Economy (apple resting on a hand). All the Farmers / Local markets will now be displayed on the map.


Make sure you are viewing the big version of the map. Select the Search tab (next to Legend and Info). Type the word you are searching for and select the [Search] button. A text list of search results will be displayed. If there are a lot of search results use the mouse wheel to scroll up or down to view all the search results (there may be more results than you can see on the page, which will only be apparent by scrolling).

Select the site for which you want to see detailed information. Unfortunately at the moment you can not be taken directly to the site's position on the map. This feature should be available some time in future when developed by Open Green Map.
To get back to the search result page right click on the page and select back from the mouse context menu. Or select the back button in your browser.

To list a site on the Cape Town Green Map

The quickest way to do this is by using the "suggest a site" page. If you meet a particular icon's criteria, supply GPS co-ordinates and have a website this will speed up the process of getting your site listed.

Listings in the Cape Town Green Map are free, but are not guaranteed.

To receive the newsletter.

Register here and be sure to select the "Subscribe to the bi-monthly newsletter" box. The newsletter is sent out every two months and contains news items, green tips, featured icons and sites and upcoming events.

Other help?

If you require help with an item not listed above then please contact us and let us know. We will be updating this page as we learn about any issues that you need assistance for (if you let us know!).