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  • Vendor Art in The Big Issue #323 URGENT APPEAL Edition

Vendor Art in The Big Issue #323 URGENT APPEAL Edition


Vendor Art remains an integral part of The Big Issue #323, despite the focus being the 'hacker scam' that has created the URGENT APPEAL to ensure that they are able to continue their mission started in 1997 to support homeless, marginalised and unemployed people in Cape Town to earn a living. 

The #323 Art Theme: In this session the inspiration was the Artist Paul Klee who worked from memory after a trip from Europe to Tunisia where the light and colour of Africa inspired him to work in colour for the first time. The vendors chose powerful memories to create their artworks. Quote: "One eye sees, the other feels." Paul Klee

The featured Artist:  this month is Batsi Jorofani

Vendor Art, The Big Issue #323Batsi joined The Big Issue in 2009 after moving to South Africa in 2006.He was born in Mozambique, where he spent most of his childhood, and later moved to Zimbabwe. Unlike many foreign brothers and sisters, he didn't settle in Johannesburg, but came straight to Cape Town as he felt it was a safer option and this is most important for him as he is the breadwinner for his family back home.
"I would love to pursue art as a career. I love it with all my heart; it defines me. Art makes me feel like I’m free and I'm able to express my thoughts and feelings through it. I’d like to get into the industry and exhibit my paintings. On the other hand, I’d also love to get into social development programmes for kids. I can help out with art or sport. I believe that with a little guidance, children – and the entire African continent – can have a bright future. In my spare time, I enjoy relaxing at home or meeting up with friends.
My journey at The Big Issue has been a wonderful experience; I'm truly grateful. Being a Big Issue entrepreneur shaped my life, as I was heading nowhere."

His painting above is titled: "Reflection at sunrise."

Other Vendor Artists featured in The Big Issue #323

Chwayita Desemela - The Sky
Cynthia Gogotya - Shining after a storm
Solomon Masoso - Messenger of Death
Nopinki Feni - Home
Charlie Hare - Remembrance.

PLEASE buy a copy of THE BIG ISSUE #323 and see their URGENT APPEAL! 

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 October - November  2023
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