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  • Annual Wildlife 2022 exhibition at The Cape Gallery

Annual Wildlife 2022 exhibition at The Cape Gallery


The Annual Wildlife 2022 exhibition at The Cape Gallery opens on Sunday 31 July at 4pm and, as usual, you are in for a visual treat with works covering painting, watercolours, drawings, etchings, pastels, prints, sculptures and ceramics.

Intrepid adventurers and agents for conservation, wildlife artists research and convey visual information on the rich diversity of Flora and Fauna in South Africa. This exhibition calls for a positive response to preserving our natural heritage.

Meet the artists participating in the Annual Wildlife 2022 exhibition.

Annual Wildlife 2022Lin Barrie, Hein Botha, Heidi Burstein, David Cubin, Cosmas Dandajena, Peter Diggery, Paul Dixon, Ant Fynn, Ann Gadd, Anthony Gadd, Peter Gray, Donald Heywood, Peter Höhsl, Barry Jackson, Nicholas Jim, Robert Koch, Karin Kruger, David Kuijers, Peter Midlane, Paul Murray (see image) , Makiwa Mutomba, Lisa Narramore, Sophie Niemann, Elizabeth Poulsom, Christopher Reid, Joan Schrauwen, Frederike Stokhuyzen, Cobus van der Walt, Anita van der Merve, Gerbrand van Heerden, Ian van Zyl, Gordon Voster

Fay Anderson, Elise Bodley, Gillian Condy, Ethel May Dixie, Elbe Joubert Domröse, Jenny Hyde-Johnson, Martine Robinson, John Perry, Jenny Hyde-Johnson, Joan Schrauwen, Steve Shooter, Penny Steynor, Hannetjie van der Merwe

Drawings, Etchings & Pastels:
Di Johnson-Ackerman, Bowen Boshier, Jonathan Comerford, Peter Diggery, Zakkie Eloff, Anne George, Peter Höhsl, Angela Key, Marinda Koch, Peter Midlane, John Moore, Hennie Niemann jnr, Heinz Pulon, Joan Schrauwen, Lyn Smuts, Joan van Gogh

Bowen Boshier, Sylvia de Villiers, Lisa Narramore

Noel Ashton, Boniface Chikwenhere, John Ellison, Peter Gray, Barry Jackson, Uwe Pfaff, Maureen Quin, Bridget Randall, Christine Suzman, Steve Tugwell, Bernie van der Vyver


WHAT: Annual Wildlife 2022
WHERE: The Cape Gallery, 60 Church Street, Cape Town 8001
WHEN: Opening Sunday, 31 July at 4 pm to 17 September | Gallery Hours: Mon to Fri: 09h30 to 17h00, Sat: 10h00 to 14h00
OPENING: Please RSVP by calling +27 (021) 423 5309
INFO: T +27 21 4235309 | E This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Visit 
PHOTO: Artist: NOEL ASHTON Title: Gliding By Size: 30 x 32 x 12 cm Media: Composite Acrylic

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