The Cape Town Green Map was initiated as a project in the Host City Cape Town’s Green Goal 2010 Action Plan, the award winning environmental programme for the 2010 Soccer World Cup. It has since endured as a 2010 World Cup legacy project, providing an invaluable source of information for visitors and residents.

Capetonians happen, arguably, to live in one of the most spectacular settings on the planet. The Mother City's unique environment is its greatest and most fragile asset. It lies within the Cape Floristic Kingdom, the smallest and most diverse of the world's six floral kingdoms and Cape Town is blessed with a wealth of biodiversity hot spots of international importance, green spaces and natural resources. Cape Town is one of few cities in the world with a National Park within the city's limits.

Cape Town Green Map promotes green as an informed lifestyle choice.

A growing green consciousness

Alongside this incredible natural heritage is an emerging green awareness, which Cape Town Green Map records and promotes. Cape Town is fairly humming with a growing green and sustainable living consciousness. Out of this focus, green projects, markets, events, accommodation, eco products and services, green attractions, alternative energy sites, recycling projects and responsible tourism are rapidly emerging.

A Green Goal 2010 Initiative

The plan behind greening the 2010 Soccer World Cup - the Green Goal 2010 programme – builds on the success of Germany's 2006 model and takes into account the impact on the environment of such a huge event.

The programme, of which Cape Town Green Map is but one project, focuses on greening initiatives, carbon reduction and offset, water conservation, sustainable transport, integrated waste management, biodiversity awareness, green procurement, responsible tourism and environmental awareness. Following the Global Green Map set of criteria, we look at the broader issues covering Nature, Sustainable Living and Culture & Society.

A few highlights

Cape Town Green Map has initiated two additional icons to the international the globally designed, universal set of symbols developed by Green Map System that has been adopted around the world.

The Green by Design icon, designed in Cape Town, covers projects and products where environmental, social and cultural impacts inform design and aim to transform life.

The new Green Wine Champion icon, also designed in Cape Town, made its debut on the Green Wine Route Map, which is another international first. This Cape Town Green Map was the first ever map to show you the way to discover environmentally concerned wine estates with Green Wine Champion status.

The Western Cape’s 110% Green Award was a welcome recognition from the Province.

All copies of the Cape Town Green Map are archived in the New York Public Library.

“At Green Map’s New York office, we were delighted when the storied city of Cape Town joined this locally-led, globally linked movement a decade ago. This prolific and inspiring project teaches us the right way to communicate sustainability every day! We are so proud of this work, and have shared the website with audiences all over the world. The Cape Town team have become valued advisors to our global program. We are grateful for this partnership, and for everyone in Cape Town that works to make it a better place for all. It's a shining example to the world,“ Wendy Brawer, Founder Green Map System.