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15 Church Street

Find yourself in the hustle and bustle of the streets of Stellenbosch and you’ll find our Stellenbosch Store, the in-land version of our Experience brand. Designed with elements of the Sealand brand woven into the architecture of the shop, Sealand Stellenbosch is our intimate home away from home amongst the vine strapped valleys.

Made in Cape Town

Nestled somewhere in the folds of the iconic Table Mountain, a short drive from where the waves curl onto the shores of Hout Bay Beach, you’ll find our Sealand Campus. It’s a place where functional design meets bold action; where wave riders and adventure seekers come together in a collective effort to affect positive change within the lifestyle brand industry.



Handmade From Waste

We are Sealand, a lifestyle brand that is focused on responsibly made gear and apparel. Our mission is to ensure that every decision we make keeps the planet and its people front and centre. All Sealand bags and apparel are handmade by valued craftspeople from waste or responsibly and ethically sourced materials. These materials are then combined with high-quality hardware, conscious design, and expert craftsmanship to create gear that will last a lifetime. The upcycled and responsibly sourced materials we source are sturdy and weather resistant, making them perfect for any adventure – no matter if on 
land or sea.

We believe that out the box creativity, innovation and considered action are required to mitigate the generation of waste.

Inspired by Nature

Sealand was founded in 2015 by two surfers, a dog and a Cruiser. They trekked around the country together in search of the best waves and a dream. Today, that dream is lived out at the Sealand Campus where professionalism meets laid back living.

At Sealand, we understand that the oceans, outdoors and urban spaces we call home need protecting. Each of us at Sealand nurture a personal connection with nature and are inspired by our home’s rich biodiversity. We surf, run, hike, camp and skate – whatever activities we can do to get out into Mother Nature and connect with people. We’re all on a mission to protect the outdoors and empower our communities.



Discover New Paths

We’re as passionate about environmentally responsible fashion as we are about catching the perfect barrel at daybreak. To us, life is about adventure, community and appreciating the simple things, which we weave into every Sealand product. We encourage ourselves and others to approach the things we do and the way we behave in a new way. We explore the unfamiliar or unknown with a curious, questioning mind and always put people and the planet first.

Sealand forms part of the vibrant South African community and environment around it, while dedicating itself to profound social and environmental impact. We believe that innovation can shape positive change and aspire to lead and inspire with creative self-assurance. The ultimate aspiration of the Sealand lifestyle is to do one's part by being responsible, while considering the piece of the planet that one has a direct impact on. For us, that’s Cape Town but for you, home may be elsewhere. Wherever you are, we’ll back your journey and accompany you. We invest in change and when you support Sealand you are investing in that change too.


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