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I can just about excuse the odd piece of littering. But the cynicism required to take a load of rubbish out into the veld and dump it there is mindblowing. Each decent-sized municipality has an illegal dumping report line but they vary from town to town. Give your council a call now and find out how to report it and then put the number on your fridge.

If you can get a licence plate number (or vehicle branding) that will help the council to follow up. Most illegal dumping seems to be done by small-scale building subcontractors. If you’re having work done on a site, make your contractors sign a responsible dumping agreement, and if necessary, make them provide you with proof that your rubble was disposed of properly, even if they just take a cellphone photo of them at the dump each day.

This tip appears in GOING GREEN 365 Ways To Change Our World  by Simon Gear and is provided courtesy Penguin Books