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Lismore Avenue, Tokai

The Greenbelt Cycle route starts at the end of Lismore Avenue in Tokai. Follow the signposted route through to Southern Cross Drive, roughly 10kms away.


Download a map here

The 8 km trail can be ridden in either direction. Please ride at a sensible speed and respect all users at all times.

Starting from the bottom of Lismore Avenue in Tokai, cyclists enter the original cycle track on the Soetvlei Avenue Greenbelt. The route is clearly marked with directional arrows all the way in both directions.

From here the route follows the Keyser River along a narrow trail. Please proceed with caution and respect other trail users. The route then crosses Firgrove Way and enters the Strawberry Lane section of Greenbelt, still along a narrow trail. This section exits at Spaanschemat River Road (close to Peddlars on the Bend) and crosses the road (at the pedestrian crossing) to enter Brounger Road.

The route then turns right off Brounger Road and onto the Pagasvlei Greenbelt section until it meets up with Constantia Main Road.

Cross at the pedestrian crossing and enter the Silverhurst Greenbelt section. Here the trail keeps to the left hand side of the Greenbelt. No cycling is permitted on the trail that runs up past the small dam on the right hand side of the Greenbelt. Exit this section across the wooden bridge and enter Silverhurst Drive. At the top of the short hill, turn left into Duckitt Avenue and continue to Southern Cross Drive. Cross the tar road and continue for about 200m (look out for the sub-station on the right) to turn right at the thoroughfare that meets up with Picardie Avenue.

Cross over Rathfelder Avenue and enter the lovely Bel Ombre Greenbelt Section of the trail. Follow the route markers through Bel Ombre Meadow, and cross Rathfelder Avenue again and proceed up Avenue Beauvais.

Turn left at the end of Avenue Beauvais and enter the Diep River Section of the Greenbelts and head up towards the mountain. (Please note that the lower section of this trail is out of bounds as it would join up with the Alphen section). The trail winds its way up four sections of the Diep River Trail and crosses Bel Ombre Road, Monterey Drive and Bellevue Road.

On the last, steep, section of the trail, enter the trail to the left up the purpose-built cycle trail and exit onto Southern Cross Drive.

Cyclists yield to all other users groups. Where there are narrow, dual use sections along the trail, we urge both cyclists and other users to take care and be aware of a possible “bumping into each other” on a blind corner.

Cyclists are required to slow down and may on occasion even need to get off their bikes to let other users pass safely. “We believe that once the initial teething period has passed and normal routines have adapted to the new users on the Greenbelts, the actions will become ingrained and ‘normal’”, Vogel said.

“Cyclists want to enjoy the Greenbelts as much as everyone else, albeit on a bicycle. All users can coexist peacefully by treating each other courteously and with respect.”


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