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  • Synercore partners with Shiloh to address food security

Synercore partners with Shiloh to address food security

Synercore partners with Shiloh to address food security

Food security is a national crisis. The South African National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found that, in urban areas, 28% of households were at risk of hunger while 26% were already experiencing hunger. In rural communities, these statistics hit 32% and 36% respectively. Food security is more than just the arrival of a meal on the table; it spans a variety of factors that include malnutrition, obesity, hunger seasons and low dietary diversity. 

At Synercore, we will help address the country’s food security challenges, by partnering with Shiloh, a non-profit based in Brackenfell, Cape Town that prepares meals for the less fortunate. To kick-start our partnership and build towards our goal of optimising our food and ingredient value chain, we have donated potential excess BBQ sauce for buffalo chicken wings, along with guavas and a recipe for a calorie-dense fruit custard.

Estelle Veldman, Managing Director at Shiloh enthuses, “Although we at Shiloh do everything in our power to bring change to lives and communities, we can never do it without the assistance of corporates and individuals that share our vision. When a company like Synercore comes on board, boots and all, it gives us momentum.”

In the year to come, Synercore will help develop and train Shiloh staff, donate excess food and ingredients, sponsor new kitchen equipment, supply balanced recipes and nutritional advice, as well as collect donations for toys, kitchenware, clothes and stationery to give to Shiloh recipients once a quarter.

Veldman added, “It is so humbling to see how Synercore underpins our projects to make sure we can reach even more lives, adding dignity and value. By sharing their skills and resources, Synercore aids us tremendously in the journey to sustainability and growth.”

Synercore has also pledged to pay a fixed donation every month to Shiloh in support of the administration costs needed to continue the community support work they do.

“By partnering with local initiatives, we can relieve malnutrition, feed more people, and in time, help to make South Africa a more food secure country,” said Helmut Burger, Synercore Sales Director.